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Part I
Please read each statement below and select the option that best describes how essential it is to overall job performance in the sales associate position.

Job Behavior

Value to the Job

Greets/meets new customers.

Responds to customer inquiries about specific products or services.

Converses with customers to establish rapport.

Asks questions to determine the best product/service match for the customer.

Actively listens to customer responses and asks follow-up questions as necessary.

Presents one or more product/service options based on identified customer needs.

Compares the features and benefits of various products/services.

Demonstrates and/or discusses product/service features.

Discusses product/service warranties and/or guarantees.

Discusses product/service promotions, sales, and incentives.

Differentiates among competing product brands and discusses the differences among brands (e.g., brand reputation, strengths, weaknesses).

Recommends specific products/services and explains the value to the customer.

Responds to customer objections as appropriate (e.g., emphasizes value, reputation, reliability, features).

Discusses pricing objections with customers and responds as feasible according to established policies.

Prompts the customer to make a purchase by generating interest and enthusiasm in the product/service.

Directly asks customers if they are ready to complete the sale.

Suggests additional products or services (e.g., accessories, upgrades, extended warranties) to supplement the current sale.

Processes sales transactions and follows transaction procedures and guidelines.

Explains terms and conditions of the sale (e.g., warranty periods, contract provisions).

Provides written information (e.g., brochures, product specifications) to customers.

Encourages future contact from customers who haven’t yet made a purchase (e.g., discusses upcoming sales/promotions, provides contact information).

Stays informed about the details of current sales and promotions.

Learns the features and benefits of new products and services as they become available.

Maintains awareness of competitors’ products/services (e.g., features, promotions, new offerings).

Assists other sales associates as necessary.

Part II
Please read the definition for each skill listed below. Select the option that best describes how essential the skill is to overall job performance in a Sales Associate position.


Value to the Job

Building Rapport: Initiating conversations with customers, determining customers’ desired style of interaction and responding accordingly, maintaining a pleasant and helpful demeanor, and developing cooperative relationships with coworkers.

Discovering Customer Needs: Listening attentively to customers to determine their most important needs, asking appropriate probing or checking questions to ensure understanding, paying attention to subtle cues (e.g., customer’s voice tone, demeanor), and identifying opportunities to recommend additional customer needs.

Positioning Products/Services: Matching products and services to customer needs, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various options, providing accurate information about products and services, obtaining answers to questions when necessary, and checking to ensure customer satisfaction.

Closing: Confidently presenting features and benefits, successfully responding to customer objections, generating effective solutions to address customer concerns, and creating enthusiasm for the purchase.

Professionalism: Maintaining composure even when dealing with difficult customers, keeping a positive attitude in spite of unfavorable outcomes, and tactfully communicating negative information.

Flexibility: Adjusting recommendations based on the individual circumstances of each customer, responding appropriately to different personality types, and quickly adapting sales strategies in response to changes in sales promotions, quotas, or goals.

Communication: Expressing information confidently and enthusiastically, speaking clearly without rambling, speaking in a pleasant tone and volume, and conveying complex information in a straightforward manner.

Initiative: Eagerly taking on responsibilities and challenges, establishing and maintaining challenging goals, exerting effort toward mastering new tasks, and persisting despite difficulties.

Using Relevant Knowledge: Understanding new job-related information (e.g., new features, products and services, new competitor offerings), correctly recalling and using that information during the sales process, and suggesting solutions that incorporate the most current relevant offerings.

Part III
Please read the definition for each skill listed above. Select the option that best describes the percentage of a Sales Associate position covered by those skills.

Percentage Covered

What percentage of the Sales Associate position is covered by the skills listed above: