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Part I
Please read each statement below and select the option that best describes how essential it is to overall job performance in the teller position.

Job Behavior

Value to the Job

Greets customers in a pleasant, friendly manner and uses their name in casual conversation.

Apologizes to customers when necessary (for long waits, errors, etc.).

Enters customer account numbers into the computer system to process transactions.

Processes account transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and loan payments.

Cashes checks, ensuring that all requirements are met prior to check cashing (such as identification verified, written amount corresponds to numerical amount, signature is authentic).

Issues cashier’s checks, money orders, and/or travelers checks.

Processes cash advances on bank-issued credit cards.

Fills change orders to exchange cash and currency.

Uses and understands bank policies for service charges, bank fees, account holds, etc.

Explains bank policies and procedures to customers as necessary.

Requests identification from customers as required.

Verifies the authenticity of signatures when required.

Requests approval signatures from supervisors or Senior Tellers as necessary.

Assists customers with questions about their accounts (such as looking up account status, placing research requests, etc.) or refers them to appropriate bank associates.

Delivers negative information (such as an overdrawn account) to customers in a professional and tactful manner.

Identifies customers’ needs by speaking with customers and/or by reviewing their account histories.

Suggests bank products and services to customers based on the customer’s specific needs.

Explains the features and benefits of products or services to customers so they can make informed purchasing decisions.

Refers customers to other bank associates when appropriate to assist the customer with additional banking needs.

Helps customers complete necessary paperwork to obtain bank products or refers them to other bank associates for help.

Keeps assigned work area secure by locking all drawers when leaving area, maintaining appropriate amount of cash in drawers, etc.

Sells and buys money to/from the vault.

Notifies other Tellers and/or Bank Officers when a situation poses a potential risk or when a customer is acting suspiciously.

Opens night deposit bags and processes transactions.

Collects proof work and bundles it for pick-up.

Completes required paperwork to document customer transactions and work activities.

Balances drawer and follows appropriate procedures to resolve out-of-balance situations.

Answers phones promptly and courteously.

Informs customers if there are problems with a transaction.

Expresses appreciation for customers’ business.

Learns about bank product and service offerings, including features, benefits, and potential customers.

Assists other Tellers as necessary.

Learns additional duties in order to assist and/or fill in for other bank personnel, if requested.

Part II
Please read the definition for each skill listed below. Select the option that best describes how essential the skill is to overall job performance in the Teller position.


Value to the Job

Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures: Comprehending new, job-related information in a timely manner, and correctly recalling and applying that information to work tasks.

Attention to Detail: Observing important detail while performing work tasks, completing work tasks without error, and remaining focused and detail-oriented during less than ideal conditions.

Customer Focus: Interacting with customers in a pleasant and professional manner, building rapport, meeting customer needs, and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sales Focus: Identifying customer needs for bank products and services, matching products and services to those needs, and responding persuasively to customer questions and objections.

Cash Handling/Balancing: Understanding and applying basic math concepts (e.g., accurately receiving and distributing money; identifying and resolving balancing errors).

Teamwork: Working effectively as a team member to meet customer needs, and proactively helping other bank personnel to complete tasks.

Communication: Expressing information in a clear and concise manner; speaking in a pleasant and enthusiastic tone; using correct vocabulary and grammar.

Work Ethic: Demonstrating a strong desire to contribute to the organization; taking initiative on work tasks and responsibilities; behaving in an ethical and trustworthy manner.

Part III
Please read the definition for each skill listed above. Select the option that best describes the percentage of the Teller position covered by those skills.

Percentage Covered

What percentage of the Teller position is covered by the skills listed above: