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Part I
Please read each statement below and select the option that best describes how essential it is to overall job performance in the target position.

Multitasking Skills

Value to the Job

Response Effectiveness: Processing and comprehending job-related information in a timely manner, correctly applying that information during customer contacts, evaluating information from several sources, and generating and selecting effective options for solutions.

Processing Efficiency: Quickly and accurately performing multiple tasks (i.e., talking, listening, seeking information, entering and documenting information, computer system navigation, problem solving), and quickly and accurately keying text or data.

System Navigation: Using available system resources to accomplish tasks, using information systems to locate and review relevant information, understanding meaningful relationships across information sources, and filtering our irrelevant information.

Part II

To what extent are these multitasking skills required to perform key job duties?

Required to a slight extent   Required to a moderate extent   Required to a great extent
1 2 3 4 5

Please list one or two job tasks that require multitasking skills:

During a typical week, how often must the target job duties be performed quickly due to time pressures?