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Part I

Please read each statement below and select the option that best describes how essential the activity is to overall job performance in the Financial Service and Sales job.

Work Activity Value to the Job
Greets and converses with customers to build rapport and uncover opportunities to discuss financial products/services.

Opens new accounts for customers and completes all associated forms and paperwork.

Recommends specific financial products/services that will meet customers’ unique needs and situations.

Clearly and accurately describes financial products/services, including benefits, requirements, and any associated fees or costs.

Responds effectively to questions or objections voiced by customers when positioning financial products/services.

Demonstrates how to access and use account features (e.g., on-line banking) for new and existing customers.

Provides printed materials and online resources to customers to help them understand the financial products/services.

Captures pertinent customer information in databases.

Contacts customers after account opening to ensure satisfaction and answer questions.

Processes account maintenance requests (e.g., account updates, transaction inquiries).

When performing maintenance requests for customers, reviews their accounts to determine whether additional or different products/services might be of benefit.

Works with customers to complete forms and paperwork for all lending products, including credit cards, loans, and lines of credit.

Submits lending product applications to the appropriate department for approval decisions.

When necessary, informs customers that they will not qualify for a particular product/service, and explores options to determine if another product/service might be available.

Monitors loan appointments and closing dates, and ensures that all required items have been gathered and prepared.

Conducts lending product closings with customers and ensures final completion of forms and paperwork.

Talks with upset customers and attempts to address their immediate issues and, if appropriate, recommend ways to avoid the issues in the future.

When appropriate, authorizes fee waivers or refunds service charges, to correct financial institution errors and/or maintain good relations with customers.

Handles override requests from tellers and determines whether to authorize the override.

Talks with customers who are closing accounts to determine the reasons for account closure and whether there are any options to retain the business (e.g., resolve problem, consider another account type).

Conducts structured financial reviews with existing or prospective customers to understand their financial situations.

Educates customers regarding financial topics (e.g., budgeting, savings, credit).

Prior to contacting customers by phone, reviews details of customer profiles.

Telephones customers to present pre-approved offers for financial products/services or to offer a general financial review.

Sets appointments for customers to come in and discuss pre-approved offers, participate in financial reviews, and/or sign paperwork.

Discusses investments with customers if personally licensed, otherwise, refers customers to the appropriate associate.

Communicates with other departments within the financial institution to research and resolve customer problems/complaints.

Follows up with other departments, after initial inquiries, to ensure successful and timely resolution of customer problems/complaints.

Completes all required training courses.

Reviews emails (e.g., updates to policies and procedures, fraud alerts) to stay informed.

Part II

Please read the definition for each skill listed below. Select the option that best describes how essential the skill is to overall job performance in the Financial Service and Sales position.

Skill Value to the Job
Applying Policies/Procedures: Correctly recalling and applying policies and procedures, completing tasks without errors, remaining detail-oriented and focused, understanding the role of policies and procedures in risk management, and correctly answering policy-related questions posed by customers or other employees.

Building Relationships: Initiating conversations with customers, interacting with customers in a pleasant and professional manner, building rapport, demonstrating a genuine interest in customers, and adapting the style and pace of interactions according to customer cues (e.g., customer voice tone, demeanor).

Communication: Expressing information confidently and enthusiastically, conveying complex information in a straightforward manner, avoiding the use of technical jargon, communicating negative information in a tactful manner, and expressing written information clearly and concisely.

Discovering Customer Needs: Asking probing questions to determine customers' needs for financial products/services, listening attentively to customers to uncover potential needs, asking appropriate follow up questions to ensure understanding and identify opportunities for additional beneficial products/services.

Initiative: Proactively addressing opportunities, taking initiative on work tasks and responsibilities, exerting effort towards meeting goals, persisting despite difficulties, and behaving in an ethical and trustworthy manner.

Organizing and Planning: Scheduling and prioritizing work activities, meeting deadlines, effectively handling frequent interruptions, monitoring the progress of tasks, and following up on commitments in a timely manner.

Problem Solving: Generating effective solutions to problems, considering unique aspects of situations, suggesting alternative solutions, balancing business needs with customer requests, assessing and managing potential risks, and remaining calm during challenging situations.

Product Knowledge: Understanding the details, benefits, and requirements of various product/service options, providing accurate information about products/services, correctly answering product questions posed by customers or other employees, and making referrals to other departments as appropriate.

Recommending Products/Services: Matching the implied or expressed needs of customers with appropriate products/services designed to meet those needs, adjusting recommendations based on the individual circumstances of each customer, confidently presenting features and benefits, successfully responding to customer objections, analyzing and interpreting information to relate products/services to customer needs, and understanding and applying basic math concepts.

Part III
Please read the definition for each skill listed above. Select the option that best describes the percentage of the Financial Service and Sales job covered by those skills.

Percentage Covered

What percentage of the Financial Service and Sales job is covered by the skills listed above: